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 Our Home Drug Testing Program

Do you KNOW your teen isn’t using
or are you blinded by love?

blinded by love?

A counselor approved home drug testing program can protect your family either way.  

Think your teen may be “experimenting” with drugs, alcohol or tobacco? It’s best to solve problems before they occur or get much worse.

Take a Deep Breath:
It can be a stressful time. We know. That’s why we’re here. No matter how bad you think you’ve got it, chances are we’ve helped others through worse. We get letters and emails all the time from people who tell us so.

Get Yourself Prepared:
1) You’ll find all kinds of answers in our FAQ’s section and counselor's corner (or you can email us).
2) If you STILL need help, use our free counselor referral service to locate a professional counselor near you.

Take Action:
We understand that using home drug tests for drugs, alcohol or tobacco may not be the answer for every parent. It’s not some magic wand that when waved will miraculously solve all your problems. It can be a valuable part of a larger process which includes talking to your kids and linking both rewards and consequences to the outcomes of their home drug tests. Sometimes problems may get worse before they get better. However, with a little courage, the right home drug test kit and some help from the resources on our site, you can prevent many problems, get others out into the open and deal effectively with whatever else remains.


 Our Community Program

Free Home Drug Test Kits for Parent In Your Community

 Three steps to a drug free home!

1. Have “the talk”

 (Our three-step checklist helps you communicate what’s important and how the program works.)
Prevent signs of drug use and symptoms of drug use using a home drug testing program.

 2. Pick your strategy.

(Review the counselor recommended options and select the best one for your situation.)
Prevent signs of drug use and symptoms of drug use using home drug testing strategies.


3. Get the right tools.

(Pick the most appropriate home drug test kits for your situation and use the online “Randomizer” program, which is  free with your purchase, to manage it all with ease.) 
Prevent signs of drug use and symptoms of drug use using home drug tests.


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